A letter from the Board President

March 2, 2017

As many of you have already heard the Racine Coalition against Human Trafficking (RCAHT) has gone through a recent transformation or as we call it, a growth spurt.  When RCAHT was formed a few years back we were an excited, energetic, small group of hard workers, focusing on a problem we had locally but more importantly attempting to find a solution to combat this heinous crime in our community.

The findings startled some, while others wanted to join the fight; we engaged them and broadened our horizons.  We soon realized that the work that we were a part of was changing the landscape of how communities would fight human trafficking both locally and across the country.  We now have over 50 system partners and created a network of support that now has grown internationally. We have worked with victims from around the world as well as victims who grew up in Wisconsin.

Our vision is the same as it was when we started, we will create awareness, educate others and advocate for victims of human trafficking as we always have.  Fight to End Exploitation, knows NO boundaries, we are not confined by a name or region, we will reach as many and as far as we can to FIGHT Human Trafficking.

Thank you for your continued support, it is with great dignity we uncover and support victims of human trafficking.


Neal R Lofy

Board President