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Human trafficking inflicts horrific trauma on victims and the community. This exciting one-day free conference will empower 7th – 12th graders in SE Wisconsin to avoid the pitfalls of human trafficking and stay safe all in a fun environment.

The I-94 Project was a cross-collaboration between many organizations, agencies, and community members to fight human trafficking across southeastern Wisconsin. The Project aimed to create the largest amount of awareness to date along the I-94 corridor between Illinois and Milwaukee. The project ran during peak summer travel season from Memorial Day to Labor Day 2017 and was seen by the 80,000 travelers per day along that route.

The I-94 Project was developed and administrated by Fight to End Exploitation, a Wisconsin-based 501(c)(3) whose mission is to be a collaborative network that advocates for victims and educates the communities.

Interstate 94 is known as a circuit used by traffickers to transport victims from Chicago to Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire, Minneapolis, and the North Dakota oil fields. As a result, truck stops, rest stops, restaurants, gas stations, and hotels along the highway have become common places that victims frequent. Research indicates that education is the number one way to stop trafficking.

Our goal was to increase community awareness of the problem and educate citizens, businesses, and key professionals as to what they can do to help fight trafficking, and help victims reach safety.

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Watch the official music video for “Voices” by Well-Known Strangers, in Partnership with Fight to End Exploitation for The I-94 Project.