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Fight to End Exploitation: In the News & Media

Below you’ll find news and media that features the work Fight to End Exploitation has done and will continue to do. This is an ongoing list of articles and will be updated as applicable.

Lifelines for Survivors: Labor Trafficking in Wisconsin

State Bar of Wisconsin | January 2022

Labor trafficking is in Wisconsin, tied into purchasing, consuming, and the basic service economy every single day. This article by the State Bar of Wisconsin provides an introduction to this complex problem and what lawyers and other state residents can do to help prevent and mitigate harm and hold traffickers accountable.

Fight to End Exploitation’s co-founders provided feedback for this comprehensive article. Neal Lofy highlights the essential perspective of law enforcement and Karri Hemmig articulates powerful insights from victim advocacy.

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Understanding Trauma: Shelter from the Storm

Marquette University | July 2019

Neal Lofy’s caring police work is a model to better address and prevent human trafficking.

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