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Fight to End Exploitation addresses human trafficking and exploitation through three key focus areas: prevention, intervention, and restoration. We rely on our volunteers and community partners to help spread awareness and education, as well as to provide for the basic needs of victims of human trafficking right here in Wisconsin and across the Regional Midwest. 

Volunteer with Fight to End Exploitation

Take a look at the opportunities below and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

Signal Booster

Use your voice on social media for good.

Education continues to be the number one way to prevent human trafficking. You can volunteer in the fight to end human trafficking simply by sharing the articles and resources we post daily from around the world. We’ll provide you with human trafficking training, and then all you need to do to be a Signal Booster is take one action on Social Media each week. Your engagement with Fight to End Exploitation will serve to “boost the signal” of the resources we post as well as educate those in your own sphere of influence. Let’s use social media for immense good, staying educated and educating others in the fight against human trafficking.

Host a Donation Drive

Collect care items for victims and survivors. 

Donation drives are an engaging and effective way for your company, youth group, club, or association to fight human trafficking and end exploitation. We’ll provide you with a list of needed items.

Learn More about Hosting a Donation Drive

Workforce Development Partner

Employ Survivors of human trafficking. 

Do you own a local business that has the care and capacity to employ survivors of human trafficking? We would love to connect with you and learn how we might partner together to provide trauma-informed training for your staff and jobs for survivors.

Community Partner

This is where we get creative…

Do you want to join FEE in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation? We would love to hear your creative ideas and learn how we might partner together. Partnership ideas could include yoga or self-defense workshops or fundraising events such as a brewery or winery night.

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