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Our Team

Our team is composed of professionals who work with victims of human trafficking through law enforcement, human services, medical care, crime prevention, faith communities, housing services, and more. With over 80 years of collective experience, we’re proud of the work our team does and our commitment to eradicating exploitation.

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Our bookshelves provide continuing education and professional development to our staff, volunteers, and board members along with community partners such as medical, law enforcement, and social services professionals. Thank you for your contribution and support of our team and colleagues.

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Our Staff

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Karri Hemmig (she/her): Co-Founder of Fight to End Exploitation – Connect with Karri on LinkedIn

ADVOCACY COORDINATOR: Rachel Harrison (she/her)

Executive Committee

PRESIDENT: Neal Lofy (he/him): Co-Founder of Fight to End Exploitation

VICE PRESIDENT: Pamela Handrow (she/her): Executive Director of Bethany Apartments and Women’s Resource Center

TREASURER: Amanda Gain (she/her)

SECRETARY: Jeanette Brown (she/her): Executive Director of Safe Haven Racine

Board Members

Julie Ortiz (she/her)

Alexandra Jantz (she/her)

Sister Maryann McMahon (she/her) and Sister Lisa Kane (she/her): Racine Dominicans

Rachel Cortez RN, CEN, SANE-A, SANE-P (she/her): Ascension Mobile Sexual Assault Treatment Center