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We are the Advocacy Team at Fight to End Exploitation, and we want to share invaluable information with our local families and caregivers of chronic runaway youth and missing children.

Seeking resources for your teenager?

Connect with the FEE Advocacy Team at 414-485-5370 (Call or Text). Our CareLine is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CST.
Please be aware that this is not a crisis line and we are not able to respond immediately. In case of an emergency, dial 911. You can also reach out via email at, and expect a follow-up within 1-2 business days.

Si desea ayuda en español, por favor avísenos.

How Can We Assist You?


Advocates can offer prevention and crisis resources for youth and caregivers.

Intervention as soon as possible is important! FEE Advocates have experience working with high-risk, endangered, and missing youth and their caregivers and families. We can also help guide you through the process with law enforcement and research and connect you with services and resources that your family needs. We know there are no easy solutions and this is a complicated issue but we’re here to help! Sometimes you just need a little support.


Provide victim-centered, trauma-informed support to help you find essential specialized services needed for successful intervention and assistance.

Specialized Assistance:
Collaborating with experts in this field, we recommend SAFE Haven of Racine.
Website:, Contact: (262) 637-9559, available 24/7

SAFE Haven Shelter is an eight-bed multicultural community-based residential shelter,
locally controlled by SAFE Haven of Racine, Inc. Licensed by the State, it serves youth 10 to
age 17 in need of emergency shelter due to runaway behaviors and homelessness. Youth
ages 10 to 16 years old need parent/guardian permission to stay. The project offers
counseling for both youth and family members, residential and non-residential services,
outreach to the community, and more. SAFE Haven staff actively engage in preventing youth from running away or becoming
homeless through drop-in or home-based services.


Assist in Creating a Collaborative Network for Your Child

When youth are running away and acting out, they must have access to as many resources as possible to support them. Creating a collaborative network for your child to reach out to is critical. School counselors, educators, social workers, medical professionals, school resource officers, Child Protective Services, law enforcement, advocates, and other professionals can assist in supporting your child during these difficult times.

More Important Resources


National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Advocacy Support for Families

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Black and Missing Fdn

Report a Missing Person after filing initial police report for additional support.

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Family Resources

If the child you care about is facing a crisis, there are many organizations that may be able to help.

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Resources for Teens

Share this resource with your teen for access to many local and national services.

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