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3 Typologies of Human Trafficking in Wisconsin

Let’s take a look at three typologies of human trafficking that have made headlines in recent years to better understand the scope of trafficking.

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Shelter from the Storm: Leading the Fight

In Wisconsin, human trafficking is defined statutorily as any kind of labor or sex act that is induced by force, fraud, or coercion — or any form of manipulation when the person engaging in such acts is under 18. Often driven underground, it is a widespread issue, particularly in Lofy’s backyard. Because of the innovative work of Lofy and his colleagues, the region is also becoming a national example of how to better address and prevent the problem.

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Stopping Human Trafficking: FBI Works with Partners to Get Traffickers Off the Streets

Racine Police Department Investigator Neal Lofy and co-founder of Fight to End Exploitation, who works human trafficking cases for his department and also serves on the local FBI task force, explained the importance of taking a collaborative approach in human trafficking cases and using the FBI’s available resources, such as administrative subpoenas of prostitution websites.

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