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Reference Guide to Human Trafficking Headlines in Wisconsin

Since human trafficking often stays hidden in plain sight, many people do not think it is happening in their communities. So, we’ve created this reference guide to headlines across our home state in order to show a more realistic snapshot of a growing issue throughout Wisconsin and across the United States.

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3 Typologies of Human Trafficking in Wisconsin

Let’s take a look at three typologies of human trafficking that have made headlines in recent years to better understand the scope of trafficking.

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Shelter from the Storm: Leading the Fight

In Wisconsin, human trafficking is defined statutorily as any kind of labor or sex act that is induced by force, fraud, or coercion — or any form of manipulation when the person engaging in such acts is under 18. Often driven underground, it is a widespread issue, particularly in Lofy’s backyard. Because of the innovative work of Lofy and his colleagues, the region is also becoming a national example of how to better address and prevent the problem.

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Stopping Human Trafficking: FBI Works with Partners to Get Traffickers Off the Streets

Racine Police Department Investigator Neal Lofy and co-founder of Fight to End Exploitation, who works human trafficking cases for his department and also serves on the local FBI task force, explained the importance of taking a collaborative approach in human trafficking cases and using the FBI’s available resources, such as administrative subpoenas of prostitution websites.

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