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Resources for Victims & Survivors

What You Need to Know About Sextortion and 6 Ways You Can Keep Yourself Safe

You may have seen posts on our Instagram page about online enticement and sextortion. Because of the response of people wanting to learn more, we thought it would be best to do a deep dive on what sextortion is, what professionals and law enforcement are seeing, and what you need to know as community members, caregivers, youth, and service providers.

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July 2023 Newsletter: What We Have Been Up To

We firmly believe that runaway prevention is human trafficking prevention. Our goal is to address the risks and vulnerabilities that affect our local teen community members that lead to runaway/missing episodes, unhealthy relationships, dating, sexual exploitation and violence, homelessness, and human trafficking.

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Summer Internet Safety

Remember, knowledge is power and action can help prevent harm from happening and/or escalating.

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Personal Safety Planning for Victims and Survivors of Violence

Following the lead of the National Human Trafficking Hotline, safety planning can include risk assessments, preparations, and contingency plans to increase the safety of a human trafficking victim or an individual at-risk for human trafficking, as well as any agency or individual assisting a victim.

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Internet Safety for Victims and Survivors of Violence

The internet and social media are powerful tools for anyone experiencing trafficking or violence. They can be essential resources to access help and resources, and valuable platforms to connect with friends, family members, advocates, and service providers. Unfortunately, the internet can also be used by traffickers to begin, continue, or escalate exploitation, making it all the more important to ensure internet safety.

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